Teavana…An almost enlightening experience

The first time I went to Teavana, I was mesmerized.

Could I be a better person if I just drank loose leaf tea? Would I be enlightened? Could I really tap into the fountain of health? Would I be more socially attractive?

All these questions burned in my mind while tasting the most beautiful teas ever created.

Something stuck so I decided to return to buy some tea.

Bad News

I knew that the tea I wanted was $12. I didn’t really know much else. I actually didn’t even want to spend $12, but tried to justify the cost in my own mind. As I was talking to the saleslady, I told her what I wanted. I said I wanted some of the jasmine I had sampled and some of the youthberry. I tried to tell her how I wanted to buy less of each. Maybe 1 ounce. She told me I should really buy it by the pound because it was SO much better of a deal. She said I would basically get several ounces for free. Wait….how many ounces are in a pound? Everything was happening so fast….I mustered up the courage to tell her I just wanted the price in the pamphlet. $12. Easy right?


She quickly started to ring me up. I was confused why there were so many bags. She failed to mention that because it was a blend I needed multiple teas. (I only figured this out later) Instead of selling me a total of 2 oz, she sold me 2 oz of 4 different teas.

She asked me if I had anything to keep my tea in.


Well, you will need a tin.

-How much?


-No thanks.

Your tea will only last a week without it. (feel threatened yet?)

-I better drink it fast then.

Your total is $46.00.

-WHAT!!?? (I didn’t actually say anything…just sorta stared at her)

The funny part is my husband had just walked in and was standing by me. He said, “did you just spend $40 on tea!?”


I was swindled.

In fairness, I was the stupid one that didn’t know anything about anything. (And thanks to Teavana’s return policy, I can’t take it back)

Honestly, I feel seriously taken advantage of. I mean, I understand that people are trying to sell you something, but I would be a better customer if I felt like I was treated fairly. It’s about trust, and I feel like I lost trust in Teavana.

Good news

I did take my tea home, and it was good. REAL good.

I did some online reading and it looks like many people are in the same boat as me. Hate the business ethics of Teavana, but love the tea. Another perk of the tea is that it is gluten-free (except one).

So will I continue to drink their tea?

Yes. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever tasted.

HOWEVER, I will buy it online.

My recommendations are the youthberry orange blend, the jasmine peach blend, and the rock sugar.

Also, you can get some really beautiful cast iron tea pots for WAY less here. Only $42 instead of $200.

I would recommend trying some of their teas…but be wise about it. Know what you are getting into. Maybe try some of their teas in the store and then buy online. Understand that they tea you are tasting in the store is a blend of 2 different teas AND contains rock sugar. 2 oz is plenty of tea-about 15 cups..PLUS you can reuse your tea for a second brew..making it 30 cups. Works out to be about .75 per cup.

So Teavana, while your tea is delicious, your sales tactics suck.

While I would love to stick around and talk tea…I need to get drinking. I only have one week to finish $46 worth of tea.


7 comments on “Teavana…An almost enlightening experience

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am SO sorry that happened to you!! I hate to know you were taken advantage of! I haven’t had that experience at my Teavana, but I believe it happens to a lot of people when checking out at higher end stores! It’s “no big deal” to the people that work there, but to most of us, 40 bucks is a LOT to drop on tea in one transaction!

    Good for you for writing about it! Hopefully this will help other people before they buy. I’m really glad you liked your tea. At least something good came out it. 🙂 Also, all you need is an air tight container that doesn’t let in light to store your tea, and you should be fine. xoxo

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the airtight tip 🙂

  3. lulu says:

    Pretty sad when you still buy their tea, although you state that their business ethics are unacceptable and the prices are just off the roof. In every city or online there are numerous, mosty locally owned tea businesses that deserve to be supported, that have fantastic natural loose tea at a fair price. Generally teas are gluten free unless additives are added (as in teavana teas, that’s why they advertise a special gluten free tea).

  4. chris says:

    I went there this weekend, it was my first time buying tea from them. The moment I walked in, they completely took advantage of my wallet. she kept trying to make me buy the most expensive tea which was $22 per 2 oz. I ended up buying the tin can cuz i didnt have anything to put it in. I bought the one pound tin can, and she was like youthberry and citrus soo delicous and healthy. serious detoxifier, blach blah. Then she pushed me to buy the tea maker, and german rock sugar. My total was $120 😦 😦 HORRIBLE customer service. They have no respect and push everything on you. I felt so taken advantage of. Never going there again. Ill buy my tea else were!

  5. snglncty72 says:

    Why don’t you just go to Walmart and buy a container to store it in! Your tea will not go bad in a week! Their containers are no more magical than Walmart’s!

  6. kaity r says:

    i went to teavana and they WOULD NOT let me purchase tea without a stupid tin which i forgot at home, not for nothing but if i wanted to spend an extra $6 id buy more tea, and sadly you can’t purchase a single ounce, it needs to be two ounces or more… it sucks

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